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"Technology plays an ever-increasing role in plant maintenance. At CORE, applying state-of-the-art technology to solve complex industrial reliability problems is our core competence. Our special applications & technologies have increased safety, focused equipment reliability, and given our customers real benefits. Our goal is simple - to provide the most effective risk-management plans that focus on high-risk equipment in critical operating applications eliminating unnecessary component maintenance."

~ J.K. August, Chief Executive Officer CORE ~

Krishna Vasudevan ("Devan")

Image of Krishna Vasudevan (Devan)
As CORE's lead technologist, for 28 years, Devan specializes in database designs, development and management. He directs CORE's information systems/technology (IT) RCM software development, management, design and software selection services. Our clients say Devan's never at a loss for a good joke, or a good application! Noted as a geek's best friend, Devan wears his 'application developer' hat with pride. With expertise in client and server-based database technologies, Devan's excels developing information architectures that provide connectivity and solve problems. But the best thing about Devan - he talks about tech issues easily with non-techies. Devan's clients share what they want PM software to do but get their real needs met working with him. He figures out ways to meet those needs - efficiently, cost-effectively, and providing for future development.

FJ Novachek ("Frank")

Image of FJ Novachek (Frank)
Frank is CORE's chief strategist, marketing advisor and business project advisor; he is also Director of Product Development for Xcel Energy. Frank describes himself only partly in jest as the classic DOUG - dumb old utility guy. Broadly experienced in business and technology, Frank's strategic interests and personal skills discern insights in industry. Frank talks tech issues easily without sacrificing practical judgment. He's an experienced project manager, having managed over seventeen major design/restructuring projects in thirty years. Clients disclose strategic needs informally to Frank, often to their own surprise. Once framing what they want, Frank develops project plans to meet those needs. Only then, he lets engineers and techies get the work done efficiently, cost-effectively, and flexibly paving the way to future technologies.

J.K. August, PE ("Jim")

Image of J.K. August, PE(Jim)
As chief engineer, Jim focuses on processes, system design, practical implementation and engineering. Holding American Nuclear Society (ANS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professional (SMRP) memberships, he is a registered PE. Chairing ASME's Power Division Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Committee, he co-chairs ANS' New Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) design committee, sits on ASME's Performance Test Code (PTC) Committee, and develops industrial component maintenance strategy/reliability plans. ASME's RAM committee has sponsored Weibull statistics development method examination, for example, among other theoretical pursuits. Jim wears many hats for CORE, as well as voluntary industry consensus committees - chairperson, lead engineer, marketing director, brainstormer - all in one, CORE's prime minister to industry. He provides marketing, legal, and strategic skills, meeting the company's business objectives, guiding strategy and supporting growth. Concurrent with his many hats and endless travel hours, Jim has never turned down a cup of coffee in his entire life. He claims Navy life taught him one thing - coffee. He can drink any kind, any time - as long as it's black.

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